We came out with some amazing bundles just in time for Mothers Day. Whether it is your mom, wife, girlfriend, mother-in-law, or grandmother; we have products that they will use and love!

For Mothers with children that are still at home

With kids at home, it is inevitable that late nights, interrupted nights, and lack of sleep will occur. Our Sweet Dreams Sleep and Rest Balm has a light sweet smell and is slow infused with 8 different medicinal herbs that are known to promote calmness and rest. We then add an essential oil blend of Bergamot, Lavender, and Cedarwood to ease tension and clear the mind. This balm may be used for a bedtime routine or during times of stress and chaos. Add a small amount and rub gently into the bottoms of feet, chest, wrist, temples, and/or forehead. You can find Sweet Dreams https://dandelionnaturals.com/product/sweet-dreams/

A lip balm that can be used for abrasion care, lips, babies, and more! Our lip balm is like butter; so luscious and nourishing and is made with clean and minimal ingredients. It sticks to the lips and does not leave a greasy or waxy feeling. Our ingredients are picked for their moisturizing, healing, anti-inflammatory, and antimicrobial properties leaving your lips moisturized and healthy all day long. And we add a touch of honey so our balm naturally tastes good. Honey lip balm can be found at: https://dandelionnaturals.com/product/lip-balm/

Overstimulation, stressed out, and a to-do list that is a mile long, if that describes someone you know then this tea is for them.

Well Rooted Teas are loose-leaf. This blend is a full sensory experience; visual, aromatic, and taste. Fully take in the quality and beauty of these botanicals honoring the work of the farmer and Mother Nature. You can find Calm tea here: https://dandelionnaturals.com/product/calm-loose-leaf-tea/

An evening or afternoon of pampering can be so refreshing and just what a woman needs to relax for a minute. Our Dry Skin Care Bundle is all you need, this set includes 1 of each of the following items:

2 oz. tin of 100% Grass Fed Tallow Balm
2 oz. tin of Happy Feet Balm
Dry Brush for your Body
Dry/Wet Brush for your Face
A large sisal washcloth

You can find it at: https://dandelionnaturals.com/product/dry-skin-care-bundle/

For the mom who loves getting her hands dirty in the kitchen or garden

A nail brush is a daily tool for the gardener or food enthusiast. It has stiff, natural bristles that help to get your nails as clean as you need them to be! Made from FSC-certified beechwood from Germany and natural sisal fiber bristles. You can find the Nail Brush at: https://dandelionnaturals.com/product/nail-brush/ 

If the woman in your life uses her hands all day long and her hands are calloused then the Hand Care gift set is for her! It includes 1 of each of the following items:
Labeled Soap bar of your choice.
All Purpose Salve – 2 oz. tin with removable screw top lid.
Bamboo Soap Dish

You can find this gift set at: https://dandelionnaturals.com/product/hand-care-gift-set/

The dishes need to be done but why not make the task easier with the appropriate tools and be aesthetically pleasing too? Our Solid Dish Soap Bar Bundle is just the thing. This listing includes 1 of each of the following items:
Dandelion Naturals Solid Dish Soap Bar, 3.5 oz.
Bamboo Soap Dish
Bamboo and Palm Fibre Scrubber
Bamboo and Sisal Pot Brush
Bamboo Bottle Brush
You can find the above bundle here: https://dandelionnaturals.com/product/solid-dish-soap-bar-bundle/

Has gardening and baking or cooking made the woman in your life sore then we have the perfect salve that will offer some relief. Our powerful arnica cold-infused salve is a natural alternative to treating pain and is effective as a topical on sore muscles & joints. Our selected cold-infused herbs calm inflammation and menthol warms and relaxes the targeted area. It is versatile and may also be used to ease tension, aches, arthritis, sprains, bruising, headaches, migraines, menstrual cramps & stress. This is medicinal strength; a little goes a long way! The essential oil blend selected for this salve is potent, powerful, and 100% natural. Find the Pain Relief Muscle & Joint Balm at: https://dandelionnaturals.com/product/relief-muscle-joint-balm/

For the hostess

This unique gift set for that special someone in your life that includes 8 of our top selling bars of soap. These 8 bars are nestled in a natural wood crate to beautifully display in your home. Perfect for a hostess. This gift set includes the following bars: Blush, Charcoal & Lavender, Calm, Orange & Patchouli, Cocoa & Mint, Walk In The Woods, Vetiver, and Raw Milk, Oats, & Honey. The total weight of the soap is the equivalent to 4 regular sized bars The Dandelion Naturals gift set can be found at https://dandelionnaturals.com/product/dandelion-naturals-gift-set/

This candle is the perfect statement piece and smells like honey. Made with 100% Pure Minnesotan Beeswax and Organic Cotton Wicking. Handmade by Slow Burn, these beeswax candles invite you to pause, take a break, and enjoy the slow clean burn of your candle. Made from local beeswax, Slow Burn candles are all-natural (so no added pollutants into your air!) and produce a subtle, sweet, honey like fragrance. Each candle is individually handmade in St Paul, MN. Orders are made in small batches. These candles smell absolutely divine. Size: 2.5” x 5” Burn Time: 40+ hours You can find this candle at: https://dandelionnaturals.com/product/winnie-beeswax-candle/

One of the first things you notice about a house is how it smells. Why not make it smell amazing while still being non-toxic. Cinnamon Orange Clove Fontana Candle is a balanced blend of savory and spicy cinnamon, orange, and clove essential oils that create an aromatic yet non-toxic scent. MindBodyGreen named this scent one of their favorite clean burning candles of 2021 and ThinkDirty featured it in October 2021! You can find it here: https://dandelionnaturals.com/product/cinnamon-orange-clove-essential-oil-candle/

For the mom who is your best friend:

A beautiful gift for anyone who loves all things natural! Tallow is a nutrient-dense form of animal fat. Its composition includes fat-soluble vitamins such as A, D, K, and E. Your skin will love tallow. And if you use the wet dry brush for facial dry brushing you are likely to receive many benefits also. If you would like to know more about dry brushing and its benefits check out our blog post about the benefits of an at home facial https://dandelionnaturals.com/at-home-facials-with-the-same-amazing-benefits-as-a-salon-facial/ What’s included: Tallow Bar Soap, 2 oz. Tallow Balm, Honey Lip Balm and Wet/Dry Face Brush. Tallow Face care gift box can be found at: https://dandelionnaturals.com/product/face-care-gift-box/

No matter your hair type, our concentrated solid shampoo bars provide a nourishing and moisturizing lather that gently cleanses your hair while removing buildup and dirt and leaves your hair feeling smooth, shiny and healthy looking. These bars will not strip your natural oils and are lightweight without the use of harsh and harmful chemicals and in our opinion … unnecessary ingredients. Just 1 shampoo bar replaces 2 standard shampoo bottles and lasts for 50-60 washes. Our bars are packaged in a compostable pouch which means they are earth friendly and no more plastic bottle waste! And these bars are perfect for anyone who loves to travel! You can find our Rosemary Mint Shampoo & Conditioner Bar Set at: https://dandelionnaturals.com/product/rosemary-mint-shampoo-conditioner-bar-set/

There’s nothing like the feeling of freshly shaven legs! Our shave bar recipe was developed specifically with the ladies in mind. Ladies, we know you’ll love this bar! It gives a generous lather, and the bentonite clay offers a nice slip for your razor to glide over. Made with nourishing fats to keep your legs silky smooth. The scent of this bar will impart feelings of happiness with a blend of orange, frankincense, and a hint of cinnamon. Our Be Happy Tallow Shave Bar can be found at: https://dandelionnaturals.com/product/be-happy-shave-bar/

And to pair perfectly with the shave bar check out our three Piece Bamboo Safety Razor with open & closed comb which comes with 10 Stainless Steel Blades from Bamboo Switch! This offers you a quality shave and a quality product that isn’t adding to the plastic crisis we are facing. Rather than throwing away the whole razor, just dispose of the blade and replace. It is simple, easy, eye-pleasing and offers a lovely shave. You can find the Bamboo Stainless Steel Safety Razor at: https://dandelionnaturals.com/product/bamboo-stainless-steel-safety-razor/

We know that you will be able to find something for the women you love amongst the above 16 suggestions. And there is even more available on our website!

If you are looking for tallow soap that is great for the whole family check out the Tallow Bar Soap.

Tallow bar soap
lip balm

Our Honey lip balm is also nourishing for any dry skin situation, can be used for minor wound care, and treating a sunburn with some love. You can find it by clicking the button here.

Our tallow balm is one of our most rave-reviewed products. You can find it by clicking the button here.

Tallow Balm

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