Ceramic Soap Dish


These beautiful rustic off-white ceramic soap dishes are handmade by Sarah Crowley Ceramics, another Minnesota brand that we have happily partnered with. These dishes are hand thrown, speckled round stoneware with grooves in the pot to keep your soap bar from sitting in water, keeping it a hard, long lasting bar. This handmade soap tray will add warmth and comfort to your bathroom or kitchen. The simplicity of this dish brings us back to the time before pump soap; no plastic, just a beautiful simple piece reminiscent of grandmas house.

These dishes are handmade with love in Sarah’s cozy studio in Stillwater, MN.

The diameter of this dish is approximately 3.5 inches. These are dishwasher safe on the top rack. These dishes will hold Dandelion Naturals round or square bars. The square bars will sit at a slant in the dish, but after a few uses it will fit nicely inside the dish. It’s a simple, yet beautiful way to display our handmade soap bars. These dishes may also be used as a spoon rest or a trinket dish.


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