Peppermint mocha, oranges, cloves, garlands, and sparking lights. All of these things have one thing in common, Christmas is here! And we have you covered with stocking stuffers, Christmas-scented bar soap, and gift bundles, which take the stress out of gift giving. Our products aren’t just for women but we also have many products that are perfect for men and children also. Here are 10 Christmas theme gift ideas:

1. Our Cocoa Mint bar soap is our Peppermint hot chocolate bar of soap which not only contains cocoa powder but also cocoa butter. This bar of soap’s scent only gets richer with each lather. You can find our Cocoa Mint bar soap at: 

Coca mint bar soap

2 The Citrus Mint Loofah bar soap is a mix of orange, rosemary, lavender, peppermint, and Litsea Cubeba. It is the perfect combination of citrus and herbal scents with the natural exfoliation of the loofah plant. This soap also has the nourishing fat of tallow. Our customers who have tried this bar have loved it! If you would like to try the loofah bar soap you can find it here:

3. Peppermint & Eucalyptus are two of my favorite scents! And together they are amazing. This bar of soap is perfect for men or women. Indigo powder has been used to make this soap resulting in the most beautiful, natural blue swirl pattern. You can find this soap at:

peppermint eucalyptus bar soap

4.Rosemary Mint Shave Bar is a part of our shave bar recipe was developed specifically with the ladies in mind; however, our owners husband tried this bar on his face and loved it. Fellas, give it a try and see for yourselves. Ladies, we know you’ll love this bar! It gives a generous lather, and the bentonite clay offers a nice slip for your razor to glide over. Made with nourishing fats to keep your legs silky smooth. This scent is perfect for men and women. It is earthy and minted at the same time and may remind you of a Christmas tree. You can find this shave bar at:

5. Double Mint Bar Soap : If you love a double mint scent then we have the perfect bar of soap for you. Our Double Mint Bar soap contains peppermint and spearmint essential oils. And it doesn’t stop there, it has been expertly crafted with dried mint leaves and cambria clay which gives it a fun blue/green hue with a bi-color pattern. This bar of soap is so refreshing that you have to try it for yourself. You can find our Double Mint bar soap at:

*Grab this bar before it is sold out. After it sells out we will not be bringing it back but you can special order a batch of soap (10 bars minimum).

Double mint bar soap

6. Last but not least of our Peppermint-themed products is our Pepperminty Lip Balm. This classic Lip Balm is a customer favorite of both men and women. If you are wondering why our Lip Balm is a customer favorite then wonder no longer. Our lip balm is made with nourishing and moisturizing ingredients of tallow along with beeswax which locks in moisture and gives it the staying power that our customers love! This is a perfect gift for men, women, and children! You can purchase some for yourself at:

Peppermint isn’t the only scent that comes to mind at Christmas time but also clove, citrus and garlands are reminiscent of Christmas. So here are some bar soaps that will bring the scent of Christmas to more spaces in your home.

7. Bergamot and clove will remind you of a cozy morning with a warm drink such as coffee, a dirty chai latte, or a cup of Earl Grey while sitting near a fireplace with the twinkling lights of a Christmas tree. This bar of soap is perfect for men and women. And it contains the antimicrobial benefits of clove oil. You can find it here: 

8. Sweater Weather will remind you of pumpkin pie, so you may be wondering why it is on a Christmas theme list. Well with my family gatherings pumpkin pie is a tradition at Thanksgiving or Christmas. This bar soap contains real pumpkin puree which is nourishing for the skin due to naturally occurring vitamin A, salicylic acid, and beta carotene. We naturally scented this bar with Cinnamon Leaf, Clove Bud, Allspice, and Nutmeg essential oils; all the scents that evoke feelings for sweater weather and all the cozy things.You can find this bar of soap at:

9. Bay Rum is best described by: Woody, Sweet, and Spicy. Our Bay Rum bar is scented naturally with Bay Leaf, Orange, Clove and Allspice essential oils. We also use real orange peel powder for a little exfoliation. This is a great bar for the guys! You can find this bar of soap at:

10. We couldn’t leave out our chai lip balm especially since it is our only product that contains frankincense essential oil. Our lip balm is like butter; so luscious and nourishing and is made with tallow and beeswax. Our ingredients are picked for their moisturizing, healing, anti-inflammatory, and antimicrobial properties leaving your lips moisturized and healthy all day long. And we add a touch of honey so our balm naturally tastes good and has even more supportive benefits. If you would like to learn more about the amazing benefits of bee products check out this blog post: And if you would like to know more about the skincare support that tallow provides then check out this blog post:
You can find our Chai Lip Balm at:

We are so proud to offer products that are made of 100% natural ingredients. That means we don’t use artificial fragrances, instead we only use essential oils. No artificial colors are used to make our products. We use vegan and animal fats to make our products. You can find the soaps that are vegan on our website. And we also have bundles that make gift-giving even easier! You can find our bundles at:

Merry Christmas from the Dandelion Naturals Team! We wish you and your loved ones a season of love and peace. Thank you for supporting our business this year!

If you are looking for tallow soap that is great for the whole family check out the Tallow Bar Soap.

Tallow bar soap
lip balm

Our Honey lip balm is also nourishing for any dry skin situation, can be used for minor wound care, and treating a sunburn with some love. You can find it by clicking the button here.

Our tallow balm is one of our most rave-reviewed products. You can find it by clicking the button here.

Tallow Balm

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