A restorative blend of wildflowers and herbs.

INGREDIENTS: Anise hyssop, red clover, tulsi, lemon balm, elderflower, elderberry, calendula, honey flakes. 

Brew time and intensity of tea are personal. Play around with brew time and dosage to find what works for you.

Well Rooted Teas are loose-leaf. Drinking these blends are a full sensory visual, aromatic, and taste experience. Fully take in the quality and beauty of these botanicals honoring the work of the farmer and Mother Nature.

When the brewing is complete, you will want to separate the botanicals from the brew – infuser baskets and teapot strainers are preferred, but almost any sort of filter/strainer will do the trick.

Approximately 17 servings per bag.

Pour 8 oz. of boiling water over 2 teaspoons ( 2-3 grams) of the loose-leaf tea and steep for at least 6 minutes.

Well Rooted Tea believes in the healing power of plants. Nature restores, sustains, and nurtures. Their blends connect you with these healing properties of nature.

Well Rooted Teas are loose-leaf herbal teas crafted with plants from local organic farmers blended with foraged botanicals native to our region of Minnesota. These infusions of herbs, roots, leaves, fruits, and berries nourish the body and are grown and harvested in a manner that promotes the health of our environment.

The ingredients are grown by local farmers or foraged with permission from private lands and according to wildcrafting sustainability guidelines.

As a part of their mission, they strive to support their local agricultural community and purchase over 80% of their ingredients from within 250 miles of their home in Minneapolis, Minnesota.  They only purchase ingredients from farms employing sustainable farming practices that promote healthy soils, reject any synthetic pesticides or fertilizers, do not use GMOs, conserve natural resources through responsible farming practices, demonstrate exceptional ecological stewardship, and most are certified organic.