This exfoliating soap saver bag is a convenient way for you to use your Dandelion Naturals soap bar! There are a couple different ways to use these. Simply place your bar of soap in the bag and tighten the strings. Create a lather with some water and wash your body like you would with a washcloth. Or for a greater exfoliating experience use your bag like a glove. Get the bag wet and lather it with your soap and then set the soap bar aside. With your hand in the bag, wash your body and enjoy the exfoliating effect with a big lather from neck to toes! Don’t forget to enjoy the simple pleasure of bathing with all-natural soap and then rinse off.

When you are finished bathing, rinse out the bag and then hang it with the bar in it to dry; keeping the bar dry between use helps to lengthen the longevity of your soap bar. These bags help to ensure that every last bit of soap is used!

• Made from natural cotton and linen.
• Size: 5.5 x 3.5 inches.
• Machine washable.
• Designed especially for our bars to fit in perfectly.
• Recommended to replace with each new bar of soap.